The Climpaq 50 L

The CLIMPAQ 50 L small scale test chamber allows for in depth investigation of emissions and pollutants from wide range of materials e.g. fabrics or construction products. The strength of the chamber is that the exhaust air can be analyzed using a wide variety of methods for both sensory and chemical characterisation.

Climpaq 50 l test chamber
Climpaq 50 l test chamber


The CLIMPAQ test chamber allows for separate adjustment of environmental parameters such as air velocity. If used in combination with external air supply, temperature and humidity can also be regulated, making the test setup adjustable to almost every required condition.


The CLIMPAQ chamber is designed and constructed using materials with a low absorption of chemicals and pollution in order to minimize the effect on the analysis. Furthermore, it is very easy to dismantle and clean.

climpaq 50 liter test chamber from above


Climpaq 50 l test chamber

Included in the package

The CLIMPAQ 50 L is purchased as a stand alone device and the chamber comes several different types of equipment allowing for testing of a large variety of different materials. The CLIMPAQ package consists of:

The maximum size of test material or specimen that can be used in the 50L chamber has to be smaller than 200mm*200mm*800mm in size.

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CLIMPAQ ventilated test chambers comes in 2 sizes, 50L and 225L to support testing of materials in various sizes


Climtech offers repair and maintenance on all CLIMPAQ chambers produced by Climtech


CLIMPAQ test chambers are shipped all over the world directly by Climtech. Chambers are shipped in special boxing for safe transportation and with proper insurance.

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